H.B Series Industrial Gear Units

H.B Series Industrial Gear Units

Gear Box H.B Series Industrial Gear Units

Power : 1.5kw to 4946kw
Torque : up to 900000 N.m
Ratio : 1.25 to 450
Color : Blue / Gray

Brand Name : AOKMAN
Model Number :
Status : New.
Availability : On-Shelves
Healthy Score % : 100
Contact Number : 008637153667898
Country :
Address : No.1394 HANGHAI ROAD

H.B Series Industrial Gear Units A high product quality, a wide production and a flexible structure are the strong points of AOKMAN®. AOKMAN® was founded in 1982, specialized in R & D and manufacturing of gearboxes, gears, shaft, motor and spare parts.

We can offer the proper solution for uncountable applications. Our products are widely used in the ranges of metallurgical, steel, mining, pulp and paper, sugar and alcohol market and various other types of machines. With a strong presence in the international market, we export mainly to South America, Middle East, North America and Asia. Our pillars are firmly planted in the relentless pursuit of excellence, innovation and competitiveness. The technology base stands out in our operation, featuring the latest equipment and the most modern information technology.

We are committed to win a partner rather than a simple supplier. AOKMAN® has become a reliable supplier, able to supply high quality gearboxes. In fact, the entire production is developed inside our factory, thus it is submitted to an appropriate process control.

The products quality of AOKMAN® allied to the security and efficiency of its management which makes its brand synonymous with credibility and transparency with its suppliers and customers. Make a good deal, always consult AOKMAN® professionals! With 41 years experience, we assure you the utmost reliability and security for both product and services.

Zhengzhou AOKMAN® Machinery Co., Ltd
Add: NO.1394, Hanghai East Road, Zhengzhou, 450016, China.
Tel: +86-371-53667898
Fax: +86-371-86027652
Website: www.aokman-gearbox.com
Email: aokman@aokman-gearbox.com
Skype: aokman-gearbox

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